Ultimate Guide to Gate to China Project: How to Get Free Offices in China?

China is becoming one of the biggest markets for global trade. Maybe you are planning to open a new company in China; Maybe your already have a new company/office in China, and you just want to expand your business to other areas in China…

Then you must not miss the “Gate to China project” where we help solve all your business problems and set up free office for you in China with rewards and government funds.

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What is the Gate to China project?

The Gate to China project, supported by China government, aims at helping global entrepreneur to expand their business in China.

To promote the development of pilot cities along the Belt and Road, the Central and Eastern European Youth Entrepreneurship Center will be built in Ningbo with Zhejiang Great Tao E-commerce Corporation as the Operator of this Centre. The Central & Eastern European innovative entrepreneurs will enjoy not only policy supports like rent-free offices and tax exemption for three years, but also start-up capital and operating subsidies for excellent projects.
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What benefits can I get?

USD 325,332 Saved! And 5-floor building (4,650 square meters) for you to choose from.
The details please refer to the following picture:
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How does this project work?

The Gate to China offer all kinds of services for you to set up office or new company in China.
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How can I join this project?

Here are many ways for you to submit the application.
·Contact via our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eGTCP/
·Submit your application directly via: https://h.eqxiu.com/s/f4wp0WVB
·Contact our staff:
  WhatsApp: +86 15858471732

What’s the requirement?

The Youth Entrepreneurship Centre is mainly for Central & Eastern European companies and includes companies from other countries and some overseas Chinese.
Its industry mainly focuses on modern service sector, including information technology, cultural media, e-commerce, consultancy, R&D design, financial service, foreign exchange, tourism, global trade and business service, etc.

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