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As is commonly known in business, to set up a company, especially a new global company in a foreign land, is very time-consuming and costly.You can not make it without any support.

What if you can have your own company without risk and extra fees? Amazing! Right? So here, Gate to China project rises to the demand.

Applicant came in great numbers

In just a few days, more than 44 companies have signed up for it via eGTCP.comAnd Wesconi s.r.o. is just one of the quality enterprises that is attracted by this project. 

Wesconi s.r.o. is a German company based in the central part of Slovakia - Banská Bystrica. 

Currently, Wesconi s.r.o. is implementing projects for leading suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive, engineering or technology industries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region). Their experts work in leading positions and departments such as: Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, C-Level, Plant Management, Finance, Quality, Production, IT, Supply Chain, HR and Industrial Engineering.

Introduced by our staff Corrine, Wesconi s.r.o. showed great interest on this project and signed up immediately.

Here is some extracts from their conversation.

What huge benefit you will get?

·$325,3325 Saved
·5-floor Building, 4,650 Square Meters
·RMB 200,000 Start-up Capital
·Rent-free offices for three years
·Start-up capital and operating subsidies for excellent projects

If your company meets following requirements, please click here to apply.


The Youth Entrepreneurship Centre is mainly for Central & Eastern European companies, and also includes companies from other countries and some overseas Chinese. Its industry mainly focuses on modern service sector, including information technology, cultural media, e-commerce, consultancy, R&D design, financial service, foreign exchange, tourism, global trade and business service, etc.


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