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Highlights: Strive to build a professional forwarding agency system based on modern technology and blaze a new business mode -- credit + logistics network + platform.

Zhejiang Hary Supply Chain Co., Ltd. was awarded the eGTCP Best Credit Service Provider on the 3rd GTCC for its professional and humanized services and positive client feedback and trust.

Zhejiang Hary Supply Chain Co., Ltd. has its own mature operation & business development teams and forms its own feature routes -- Japan & South Korea, Middle East, India & Pakistan, Southeast Asia and other long voyage routes. It has innovated over 20 supply chain management services and forged a global agency network in over 40 countries and regions.

The logistics industry has reached a phase of stagnation after years of development. “In the information era, the freight rates are becoming more and more transparent with much smaller room for profit. How do we attract clients? What featured services can we offer? These are the questions that we forwarders need to ponder.” said General Manager Chen.

Zhejiang Hary Supply Chain Co., Ltd. joined eGTCP.com in August last year after the introduction of friends. “We have gained a lot since joining the Platform more than one year ago. The Platform links the buyers, suppliers and service providers to make the global supply chain more smooth and make the clients feel vividly that as long as you have credit, your trade will be a smooth one.” added General Manager Chen.

General Manager Chen was very much looking forward to the future cooperation and said, “eGTCP.com has many innovative services. I believe that as long as we follow the Platform, we will attract more clients and offer more featured services to them.”

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