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Company Profile

Hoson Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Location: Jiangbei District, Ningbo City
Products: Footwear of women, men and kids
Highlights: The three production lines enable Hoson to realize the one-stop operation from the raw material purchase, actual shoe-making to the inspection and packaging.

Hoson Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. With 6 years of experience in the export business, its current main products are footwear of women, men and kids, including women’s high-heels and boots, men’s leather and casual shoes, and kids’ boots etc.

The company has a professional design and R&D team to meet the client’s every demand, including material, size, color and design, etc., and print his logo on the footwear to build his own brand. Currently, the company mainly exports the footwear to Europe & America, Southeast Asia and Africa, etc.

Speaking of the original intention of founding this company, Manager Sherry Song said, “Beautiful, quality and comfortable shoes can bring people a sense of satisfaction and comfort, thus fashion and comfort are indispensable to a pair of good shoes.”

Manager Song has heard of the Electronic Global Trade Credit Platform (eGTCP.com) two years ago and Hoson Import & Export Co., Ltd. joined eGTCP.com officially this year in July. “We have attended the 3rd GTCC in September and we have learned and trusted more of the Platform.” said Manager Sherry Song.

Foreign Trade Manager: Ms.Sherry Song

Manager Song was also very optimistic about the future cooperation, “The Platform can help us match orders online and offline, and also offer us the buyer credit investigation to ensure safe orders. We’re looking forward to more buyer and order resources from the Platform” added Manager Sherry Song.

Official site: http://hosonshoes.en.egtcp.com/

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