9 essentials in wardrobe for your business

Every morning, you stand in front of a mirror, thinking of the right suits for job today. You may have one or two sets of clothes for work, but you can't guarantee every day well dressed.

In order to execute a stylish and professional look every day at your new job, you're going to need suits, shirts, ties, shoes, dress socks, a watch, and a bag suitable for the office. If you don't have the slightest clue on where to begin, you're in luck. 

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We put together a list of all the new job wardrobe essentials you need to get started off on the right foot. That way, you'll have all the time you need to focus on the job instead of what you're going to wear.

A navy suit
A navy suit is one of the most important colors to own when building a wardrobe of formal clothes. It's appropriate for almost any event, and you'll be able to pair it with many shirt and tie combinations.

A charcoal gray suit
Dark gray is the second most important color to own, especially if you're limited to only a few suits. As with navy suits, you'll be able to wear it with a lot of shirt and tie combinations. 

A rotation of dress shirts
Having the right dress shirt is absolutely the key to any great outfit. No matter how dressed up or casual your look is, you'll be wearing a shirt. Whether you're wearing a full suit and tie or just a simple pair of pants, your shirt is equally important, as it is the staple piece.
To get started, you'll need shirts in white, blue, striped, checked or plaid, and a contrasting collar. 

A couple pairs of dress pants
Sometimes a full suit isn't necessary. If a shirt and tie will get the job done, then you'll need a good pair of dress pants to go along with it.  And it comes in three colors that will fit well into your wardrobe — light brown, medium gray, and navy.

A blazer or sport coat
You just put on your shirt and tie for work, but it's a bit cold outside. Instead of ruining your professional look with a fleece or windbreaker, a blazer or sport coat is the best way to maintain your in-office style.

A rotation of ties
If you work in a profession that requires you to wear business or dress attire every day, it goes without saying that you need to own a decent amount of neckties. Choosing the right ones to add to your wardrobe can be an endless process, because there are simply so many options available and you can't buy them all. Luckily, eGTCP.com offers every kind of tie you need for a well-rounded wardrobe, buying multiples of your favorites from eGTCP is still cheaper than a single tie from most brands.

Several pairs of dress shoes
When it comes to dressing professionally, you technically could wear the same shoes every day, but that's just as boring as wearing the same old blue button-down and khakis every day. Also, it's simply not stylish. Different seasons or occasions call for different shoes. Whether it be a classic penny loafer, black oxfords, or a pair of fall boots, you'll find it here.

Solid color dress socks
eGTCP’s.socks are some of the best socks you've ever worn. Unlike most pairs, each sock is specific to the left or right foot. They're designed for absolute comfort while being the perfect style of formal dress socks. Oh, and they're fortified with coffee to absorb odors to keep you fresh all day long.

A versatile watch
If there's one accessory every man needs to own, it's a wristwatch. The right watch should be functional and attractive — a piece that adds to the wearer's style. Whether your watch style is minimal or more complex, you can find the right timepiece on any budget at eGTCP.com.

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