6 Events Topped in Christmas Week You Should Never Miss

This is the new Monday after Christmas. Many people returned to the family and friends, and had a wonderful Christmas. But for others, " Christmas week" seems to be embarrassed, even with a strong color of sadness.

Yes, maybe you have heard about the past " Christmas week", which has lots of international events happened.

1. The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot dead by a police officer who shouted “Don’t forget Aleppo” as he pulled the trigger.

2. And a major accident also occurred in Russia on Christmas Day.

A Russian plane headed to an air base in Syria and carrying 92 people, including members of a well-known military choir, crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday minutes after taking off from the resort city of Sochi.

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3. On Dec. 19, at an outdoor Christmas market in Berlin, a truck plowed into a crowd of shoppers, killing at least 12 people — including a passenger in the truck. More than 50 were injured.


4. More than 54,000 people in the southern German city of Augsburg must leave their homes Christmas morning while authorities defuse a giant 1.8-ton aerial bomb from World War II.

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5. On Christmas DaySouthern Chile has been struck by a powerful magnitude-7.6 earthquake, prompting thousands to evacuate coastal areas in a region known for tourism and salmon farming.

image from internet

6. Even the queen was no exception.
Queen Elizabeth has missed the Christmas church service near her Sandringham country residence in eastern England for the first time in decades – because of a heavy cold.

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