How to prove your reliability to your business partners?

Almost every global buyer face a common dilemma:
I have found the suppliers I want, and I really want to cooperate with them. But how can I make them trust me? How can I prove that I am a reliable partner?

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Here are some useful tips called 6C strategies for you:
1.    Credit
Good credit status including trade records would be immensely helpful. It wouldl be more convincing if the credit investigation came with a formal report.
Here is a professional assessment tool recommended:

2.    Certificate
It is important to show your business partner that your company is professional and trustworth with all the certificates necessary including. company business license, tax license and so on.

3.    Customized
Let your suppliers know what other customized services you need, so that they would have a clearer idea about your company and your requests. To suppliers, buyers with specific demands are buyers worth talking to.

4.    Commodity
Of course, never forget to showcase your strong purchasing ability with trade records such as purchased products, purchased/purchasing amount, current suppliers…
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5.    Company
Company info such as company name, scale, date of incorporation, country, profile, website would help suppliers build trust. It would also be better to attach pictures or videos of company facade, offices and warehouses

6.    Contact
Last but not least, leave your detailed contact info such as contact person, address, email, Tel, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…), Skype and WhatsApp, so that suppliers can reach you for any cooperation matters.

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