eGTCP - Year In Global Trade And Credit Assurance 2016

2016 is about to pass, the international events may be far away from us, but in fact, they have the butterfly effect as a subtle influence on our lives. We are excited, depressed, angry or sympathetic when heard the news.

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But for us eGTCP, 2016 is worthy of gratitude. A total of 80 thousand suppliers have settled platform by to 2016. And we have more than 50 thousand registered members and 10 thousand trust members.

1. Popular searches on the eGTCP platform are:

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2. One of the most popular searches is:

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3. Sincere evaluations

The most worthy thing is that a great number of international buyers have established a good relationship with us on the process of trade in 2016, and we have received a very sincere evaluations and recommendations, the following is one of the selected part:

“I want to appreciate the multinational purchasing match meeting of Great Tao Group. They not only help me find the good suppliers but also provide a free office, after that I start new business in China, that’s really useful and convenient.” said Mr. Nicholas.

“The service in platform are comprehensive, I am satisfied with the logistics.” said Mr. Silvio.

“In fact we need much more kinds of products and hope the platform can supply.”  said Mr. Ellen.

Thank you for the above several properly suggestions and evaluations, we are looking forward to cooperate with you next year, eGTCP open the door to all guests who need business service, you are welcome to contact us:

Email: service@egtcp.com
Hotline: 400 159 8448 

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