How to reach $1.5 billion at 21 years old?

How to be a billionaire at young age? The answer is you may need to have a good and extremely rich father, and he transfers money or ownership of company to you.

The world's youngest billionaires are Alexandra and Katharina Andresen, Norwegian sisters who own part of an old family company, Ferd.

The Andresen sisters are just 21 and 22 years old, but they're each worth nearly $1.5 billion.
Alexandra is an accomplished equestrian rider and Katharina is college student and an intern at Ernst & Young.

Being young is a great gift. Being young and a billionaire is extraordinary.

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Just ask the Andresen sisters, Alexandra and Katharina, the youngest billionaires in the world. According to Forbes, they received their fortune in 2007 when their father, Johan Andresen, transferred ownership of the family's investment company, Ferd, to them. They each have a 42% stake in the company, which dates back to 1849, according to MONEY.

Even though they inherited their wealth in 2007, they were only recently confirmed as the world's youngest billionaires because the Norwegian government publishes the tax returns of people over 17.

Alexandra, 21, and Katharina, 22, are now each worth $1.47 billion. But despite the sisters' affluent upbringing in one of the best-known Norwegian families, they aren't just any rich kids. Alexandra and Katharina go to school, have internships, spend time with friends, get in trouble, and have fun hobbies.

But most people don’t have a rich family, what should they do then? If so, setting up a company with government’s support will be a great solution.

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