How to find a supplier in China from scratch?

What if you want to take advantage of the huge population in China and find a supplier with good quality and price? Where do you start?

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Chinese suppliers are known for their quantity and cost performance. But to select a suitable supplier in China, you definitely need a strategy with abundant knowledge and homework. Below are some practical tips to help you find the suitable Chinese supplier.

Plan on spending at least a month identifying your best manufacturing partner, and several more months finalizing designs, fabricating molds and beginning the manufacturing process.

It can be daunting to start with nothing when you are trying to establish relationships leading to a successful manufacturing partnership. At first, any manufacturer you find seems like your only hope. That’s why we recommend starting out by building a list of 10 suppliers with whom you can communicate directly.

Building a large list helps to reduce the feeling of scarcity as you develop relationships and negotiate with the most promising manufacturers.

2. Do some preliminary Internet research to further develop your category system towards your specific needs. 

Create a data table to help you record the search result, so the job can be done more efficiently and effectively. The table should include columns like company name, contact information, business scale and scope, category check boxes (important), and notes.

Find all categories here: https://www.egtcp.com/catalog/

3. Use search engines to search information related to your product name. 

The first 100 results would be the most relevant websites related to the product of your concern. You can also find your competitors' information and develop a better sense of market segment and marketing channels.

How to make sure they are reliable or not? Use a company investigation tool:

4. Use trustworthy B2B websites or popular business directory websites to obtain very structured information for Chinese suppliers.

Famous B2B websites providing valid information of hundreds of thousands of suppliers are great choices. Be sure to use local ones, as you can contact Chinese suppliers on these websites and get quick responses. The directory websites are also excellent resources to obtain industrial knowledge.

Check out the 6C suppliers which are all verified by eGTCP in 6 categories and proved to have good credit and production capacity after field investigation.

5. Find a Chinese local business to help you.

The locals know how to check the suppliers, and there are also some special business manners that are unknown to foreigners. Once you have a local guide, all your business work will be easy.

Your Chinese local business partner: https://www.egtcp.com/

6. Get a free office in China.

China is becoming one of the biggest markets for global trade. Maybe you are planning to open a new company in China; Maybe your already have a new company/office in China, and you just want to expand your business to other areas in China…

Then you must not miss the “Gate to China project” where we help solve all your business problems and set up free offices for you in China with rewards and government funds.

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