Useful tip to save sourcing time in global trade

  • How do you choose the reliable suppliers from thousands of pages of suppliers in B2B platform?
  • How long would it take for you to trust a new supplier?
  • What’s your trade circle of an order?
China is a huge market with tons of suppliers to choose from. How to select the right one is an important task for the global buyers who want a share of the booming market. 

As one of the leading global trade supply chain platform in China, eGTCP.com has just the perfect solution for you-- 6C Suppliers recommendation.

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What is the 6C Suppliers?

6C Supplier refers to the supplier whose data has been verified by eGTCP in 6 categories, and proved to have good credit status and production capacity after field investigation.

Credit - Are you worried about the new supplier’s credit status? Don’t know how to check the supplier’s credit or expense of checking is too high? As one of our major features, you can check the supplier’s credit info such as Membership Level, Credit Line on our Platform to ensure safe trade. If the supplier has any abnormal operation or default records, we would alert you and save you all the loses. Plus, you can also take advantage of the supplier’s credit line to buy now and pay later! 

Certificate - If you require any certification for the imported products, we help you find out if the supplier has any Patents, CE, UL etc.

Customized - Do you need Sample? OEM? Factory Inspection Report? Anything specific requirements you need, we help you prepare in advance.

CommodityYou can judge the supplier’s capacity and level through info like Industry, Products, Export Volume, Trading Buyers etc.

CompanyThrough info like Company Type, Scale, Incorporation Date, Brief Intro and Website etc., you would have a clear idea of the company’s nature and scale to adjust your cooperation plan.

ContactsAs time is money, you would need to communicate with suppliers effectively through all the social media. Thus info like Contact Person, Country, Addr, Email, Tel/Mobile, Wechat would be immensely important.

Why you need 6C Suppliers to save your sourcing time?

There are just too many suppliers in China! If you visit every factory you intends to work with, the travelling and accommodation expense would exceeds your imagination. Plus, you cannot know a company in and out with just one visit.

The 6C Suppliers offers all the info you needed to judge whether the company is a suitable partner. Your valuable time would be saved to create more wealth elsewhere.

Case study

Mr Ashwin from Australia, one of Platform members, regards highly of the 6C Suppliers. “ I trust the 6C suppliers that eGTCP has recommended. They’re very good Chinese suppliers and I no longer worry about trade risks.”

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He has first-hand experience dealing with risky suppliers and eGTCP platform helped him avoid huge losses through our Credit Inquiry.

Back in Oct. 2017, one supplier from Guangdong Province approached him through social media. He selected some of the models and asked for quotation. The price was very good. Indeed too good, much lower than the usual price. The supplier also accepts payment of 20% deposit, 80% against B/L.

At that time, Mr Ashwin also learned about platform’s new feature--Free Credit Report on Chinese Companies through our staff. He decided to trust us to investigate the suppliers.

The outcome shocked him. Credit report said that it was a small factory with less than 5 employees. It is also on the black list of companies with abnormal operation. Further investigation shows that it was a bait company which lures the buyer with extra-low price to scam for deposit. After receiving the deposit, would just disappear.

The previous buyer who fell for this scam would find that it is quite costly to appeal to court. It’s probably a waste of more time and money to file a lawsuit against this supplier. They would have to swallow the bitter lesson and sharpen their eyes next time.

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Lucky for Mr Ashwin, he has saved a lot of time and realized that the Platform was a true partner for his trade in China.  Through the 6C Supplier Recommendation, he soon found a quality supplier from Zhejiang Province and planed to place orders with the company.

He also intends to use the Platform’s other services like loading monitor and trade assurance to ensure that everything goes smoothly as expected.

How to get the 6C Suppliers recommendation?

As one of our 2018 offers, global buyers can now join us and get 6C Supplier Recommendation for free. Please contact the staff for more details or login to www.egtcp.com

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