Quality Supplier Recommendation: Ningbo Yinzhou Maiwei Metalware Limited Company

Ningbo Yinzhou Maiwei Metalware Limited Company was officially established in the second half of 2014. The company has made great achievements for just three years.

Factory Showcase

Product Showcase

“We’re well aware of client’s demands and requirements of the product. So we’ll control the product quality in accordance with the standard higher than those of client’s”, said YANG Yubao, general manager of the company.

In fact, Ningbo Yinzhou Maiwei Metalware Limited Company is one of the few companies who has part of the high difficulty techniques in Ningbo City. General Manager Yang said proudly, “For example, alumina. We’re one of the few companies in Ningbo that has such techniques..”

General Manager Yang has been doing die castings products for many years and has years of mature technical experiences. His core technical competence and technique advantages have laid a solid foundation for the production of die castings of auto parts. His “Artisan Spirit”, the persistent efforts at techniques, also promotes the development of the company. “We don’t compete with other companies in the scale of company. We only compete in techniques. Competition is relatively moderate with products of new techniques in the current market environment, so we can lower costs and boost profits after improving the techniques.”, added General Manager Yang.

When it comes to the cooperation with eGTCP, General Manager Yang said, “The Platform enables more overseas buyers to see the Chinese market. We hope to get more clients and orders via the Platform.”

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