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Ningbo Jiuding International Forwarding Agent Co., Ltd.

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Location: Jiangbei District, Ningbo City
Highlights: Treat Every Client with good faith.

Ningbo Jiuding International Forwarding Agent Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and won the eGTCP Most Popular Service Provider Award in the 3rd GTCC in 2017.

Winning the eGTCP Most Popular Service Provider Award was a surprise to Manager Fang, “Not only did our current clients vote for us, but also our previous clients. It shows that if you treat others in good faith, others will treat you with equally sincerity. We’re truly grateful for all the support.” said Manager Fang.

General Manager: Dally Fang

Manager Fang has been in the industry for more than 20 years now. “Since the beginning of China’s reform and opening up, the import & export business began to flourish. College students in the 90s like us were not complacent with our lives. So I quit my job and started the international freight forwarding business.” said Manager Fang.

When recalling his first experience dealing with a client, Manager Fang said in self-mockery, “ It was like a total joke! I was enthusiastic but lacking the proper professional knowledge and went to discuss business with a client who deals in reefer container. When asked to quote the price to Japan, I just quoted him the price of a general product container. He was also very friendly and told me straight forward that the price was wrong.”

It is exactly experiences like this that prompted him to constantly strive to improve his business capability and eventually rise from an inexperienced newbie to the General Manager of Ningbo Jiuding International Forwarding Agent Co., Ltd. 

Many forwarder thinks that once you have been a forwarder, you never want to be one ever after. However, Manager Fang disagrees with this opinion. When facing pressure, Manager Fang is always positive and optimistic, “ Every industry has its own pressure. If a client complains about you and is very picky, it is because your business capacity is not high enough. You should readjust your attitude and improve your competence.” 

After getting to know eGTCP.com better, Ningbo Jiuding International Forwarding Agent Co., Ltd. enrolled as a member on the Platform. “eGTCP.com has many preferential policies for its member companies like us and we’re quite satisfied with the Platform services so far.” added Manager Fang.

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