How to get $500,000 purchasing capital in global trade?

Today, we are going to study a successful case of getting purchasing capital from eGTCP.
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The leading character of our story today is Abhinandan. He first came to know us at the 3rd Global Trade & Credit Conference (GTCC) last year and finally decided to cooperate with us by applying for purchasing credit line of USD 500,000 after over 6 months of consultation and investigation.
Invited by our staff Leo through LinkedIn, Abhinandan attended the 3rd GTCC with the intention of buying computer-related products and accessories on site.

Invitation of the 3rd GTCC

The 3rdGTCC last year was an event to remember for Abhinandan. At the conference, he learned about our financial services where we help buyer do Open Account orders with Purchasing Credit Card.
In Feb. 2018, Abhinandan applied to Leo for our financing service so as to,
increase his purchasing volumes, find new suppliers and release capital pressure.

On-site Photos from the 3rd GTCC and Purchasing &Matching Conference
After over 6 months of consultation and investigation, and with full confidence and trust of the Platform,
Abhinandan applied to us for the financing service of USD 500,000.

eGTCP Financing Service is provided by the Financial Service Provider of the Platform -- Zhejiang Great Tao Factoring Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Great Tao Factoring Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Great Tao Group specializing in international and domestic commercial factoring.
It is not only one of the first commercial factoring companies in China, the first professional commercial factoring organization in Zhejiang Province, but also one of the institutions engaged in international commercial factoring business on a large scale in China. It was also invited to become a member of the Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of CATIS and the only Chinese member of the International Factoring Association (IFA).

With the mission of “financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)” in mind, Great Tao Factoring offers a series of comprehensive financial services to the SMEs including financing, credit investigation, credit assessment, business account management, risk bearing, debt collection, bad debt recovery and so on.

Up till now, it has served more than 5,300 SMEs with financing limit reaching USD 400 million and CNY 300 million respectively.
The GTR credit assessment has evaluated over 3,000 companies with trade risk frequency under 0.2% and risk-loss rate approaching 0.

Conversation between Leo and the financial adviser of Abhinanda
Abhinandan has purchased goods from China for many years now. With annual purchase volume reaching USD 5,000,000 - USD 7,000,000, he has not only his own purchasing representative in China but also many regular trading partners. Even the assessment fee of Purchasing Credit Card was transferred to the Platform through his Chinese supplier.

Company Website of Abhinanndan
Bank Slip of Abhinandan
Currently, Abhinandan is waiting for the detailed approved financing limit after submitting the Global Trade Credit Assessment materials to Aaron from Great Tao Factoring. Although Abhinandan has applied for USD 500,000 financing limit, the detailed approved financing limit shall be subject to evaluations of his company’s trade status, financial conditions and risk assessment etc.

The Great Tao Factoring Credit Assessment Agreement between Abhinandan and Great Tao Factoring
Q & A 
What’s the difference between financial buyer and average buyer for the Platform supplier?

The financial buyer of the Platform is the qualified buyer who has been verified by the Platform and the commercial factoring institution -Zhejiang Great Tao Factoring Co., Ltd. Great Tao Factoring learns of buyer’s trade status through his order records and bank slip. And through field investigation of his suppliers, it would also have a better understanding of the buyer’s actual operational conditions. Accordingly, the financing limit will be granted to such buyer after approval of Great Tao Factoring.

1. The approval of buyer's financing limit can fully assure the rights and interests of the supplier and reduce trade risks;
2. The buyer’s purchasing volume shall be increased after he gets the financing limit;
3. When the buyer with financing limit purchase products from the supplier, the supplier can get the payment for goods from the Platform in advance to recoup funds and minimize trade risks.

Besides, Abhinandan has also asked for the Canton Fair Booth No. of eGTCP, so that he may visit us while finding new products and suppliers during the fair. To show our appreciation of his support, we have decided to showcase him and his company on our homepage for free.

Abhinandan Displayed on the Home Page of the Platform
eGTCP will attend the second and third session of Canton Fair at booth AP411. Welcome to visit our booth for more details of Platform services and buyer information.
eGTCP's Canton Fair Booth in 2017
Preparation for the 4th Global Trade & Credit Conference has begun with an initial enrollment reaching over 30 overseas buyers, 60 Chinese suppliers and a dozen of service providers.

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