Why people blame Facebook so much?

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook were beaten so much by Cambridge Analytica scandal. Even Zuckerberg gave a series of interviews to state to limit similar date abuses, but not everyone has been impressed. A platform without data protecting will not last long, but eGTCP.com with 6C supplier recommendation may be an exception.

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Facebook’s scandal crisis

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, gave an unexpected interview to two of the reporters about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He said, “The most important thing is that we fix this system.”

Not everyone has been impressed by Mr. Zuckerberg’s response to revelations that data from over 50 million Facebook profiles had been secretly scraped and mined for voter insights.

Value behind Facebook

We may wonder why Facebook is surrounded by various of crisis in recent 2 years. As Zuckerberg believes “Facebook is a platform of all ideas”. It has no responsibility for all the info on it, whether be it fake news or pornography information. However, this clearly does not conform to public expectations.

That’s why Facebook employees fear “golden” years are over and there may be more critical moments like this to follow.

Being a platform with trust

What we can learn from this scandal?

Protecting customer’s data is of crucial importance for a platform, and eGTCP.com is leading the way as credit and trust are concerned.

As one of the leading global trade supply chain platform with credit as its core value, eGTCP separate itself from traditional B2B platforms in several different aspects. To realize it goal of making global trade easier, safer and faster, it offers many integrate services to ensure safe trade for its clients. One of them is the 6C Supplier Recommendation.

6C supplier recommendation
·How do you choose reliable suppliers from thousands of pages of suppliers in B2B platform?
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6C Suppliers Recommendation is your best solution.

What is the 6C Supplier? 6C Supplier refers to the supplier that has been verified by eGTCP in 6 categories and proved to have good credit status and production capacity after field investigation.
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How to get it?

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