eGTCP Case Study: What To Do When You Enter the New Sourcing Ground in China?

Just recently, many people have been shocked by our explosive revelations about our dozens of buyer sources including online & offline. At the same time, many suppliers have been drawn by the massive quality buyers and have joined eGTCP Platform.

A few days ago, one buyer named Nurislombek Yusupov from Uzbekistan asked us for help.
Nurislombek Yusupov from Uzbekistan

       Nurislombek runs a family business of textiles and medical devices. He has 2 years of experience in dealing with Chinese textile suppliers, but none in medical devices.

How to select a suitable supplier with good credit in the medical device industry? Will the supplier accept open account in the first order? These are all questions bothering Nurislombek.

Just when he was at his wit’s end, Nurislombek came upon a Facebook post about the Platform’s services to help find quality Chinese suppliers and offer financing support to buyers.

So he contacted the author of the post, our overseas promotion specialist, Viki to know more details.
Nurislombek’s 2 Companies 
Nurislombek applied for the advance financing support with credit terms up to 150 days, which are 60 days longer than the normal credit terms of USD 100,000 financing limit. Plus, he could also choose whether to use the Platform’s designated export agency service or not.

Currently, the Platform’s service provider, Zhejiang Great Tao Factoring Co., Ltd. is reviewing this financing application, and the final approved credit line shall be based on the operating & trade status of this client’s company.

Viki handed the client over to Zoey of the Overseas Department, and during their conversation, Zoey learned that Nurislombek’s family has 7 companies. This vast trade experience is very helpful to the final approving of credit line.

Here are some extracts of their conversation.

Nurislombek Wants to Apply for Financing Support

       While submitting the needed docs, Nurislombek was also drawn by the Platform’s Credit Buyer services.
Compared to the Verified Buyer, the Credit Buyer can enjoy not only the Verified Buyer services, but also more exclusive privileges.
eGTCP Verified Buyer & Credit Buyer Services

      To be more specific, the Credit Buyer can enjoy the following privileges and more:
A. Apply for USD500,00 credit line to alleviate capital pressure;
B. Enjoy USD600 worth of GTCA to ensure all-around trade safety;
 C. Enjoy up to 1.2% purchasing rewards to pay for logistics and export agency fees etc. to lower purchasing costs;
 D. Enjoy VIP logo to receive faster quotation and counteroffer from suppliers, improve your inquiry & order efficiency;
Nurislombek realized that these Credit Buyer privileges could be the “Booster” he needed to help him get out of this purchase predicament in China.

When Nurislombek learned that being a Credit Buyer could also improve his success rate of the financing application, he decided to upgrade to Credit Buyer without any hesitation.
eGTCP Credit Buyer Agreement

       The Platform’s services have offered Nurislombek much help and many possibilities for his purchase in China, and he has been also impressed by the professionalism of our staff. Nurislombek will cooperate more closely with the Platform in the future.

eGTCP has also offered Nurislombek the chance to freely showcase his company at the Platform’s front page. He is showcased as a representative buyer on the front page now.
Nurislombek as a Representative Buyer 

To the buyers, if you want to be eGTCP credit buyer, please click here to boost your global trade business!

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