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Today we'll introduce a leading apparel and module housing manufacturer in China to you.

Company Profile

Ningbo Kiloshine Enterprise LTD.

Location: Haishu District, Ningbo City
Products: Apparel, module housing, smart anti-lost high-tech products
Highlights: By integrating tradition with innovation, we have blazed a new mode of Internet plus based on the import and export of traditional apparel and fabrics.

Company Showcase

Company Structure

Product Showcase

Company CEO: Mr. Wen Hao


From a small global trading company to the establishment of Ningbo Qiangong Industry Co., Ltd., how did this company grow so fast in just 12 years? The answer is that it has recognize its development status and play to its advantages to make up for the disadvantages.

Looking back to the beginning of business, Mr. Wen Hao said, “It was in 2005, and after over 10 years of development, business is getting better and better. At present, there are nearly 10 Disney authorized OEMs that have commissioned Ningbo Qiangong Industry Co., Ltd. to produce Disney kidswear and export them to the United States, Europe, South America and Israel, etc. Our company also export supermarket garments to other countries like South Africa, Germany, and France, etc.As the demand for business goes up and the market is expanded, our company begins to transform into a corporate group...”

In business, you either go forward or fall behind. So even if they have achieved good results, Mr. Wen Hao is still determined to lead his company to move forward. Mr. Wen Hao also revealed that currently his company has a new plan - to set up a design & sales center in the United States. In this way, the designers in the United States can feel the fashion trend firsthand and design better works. And good design will in return raise price and promote sales, and ultimately increase profit margins.

It has been more than a decade since he started his business. When talking about the original entrepreneurial opportunity, Mr. Wen Hao said without hesitation, “ To realize self-value, of course!”

As a credit supplier of eGTCP.com, Ningbo Qiangong Industry Co., Ltd. has gained quite a few order resources and product exposure opportunities though our platform. They are also looking very much forward to the Third Global Trade & Credit Conference held by eGTCP.com.

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