If you wonder how to start business in China, we'll give you one-stop services!

Hey guys~I'm an Australian, only speak English, but I want to start business in China, how to find an office?how to rent equipment? how to do order hatching?

All these problems could be solved if you choose us-Great Tao Group!!!

We provide one-stop services to the settled companies for your B2B and B2C E-commerce business.

Gate to China-main program of Gttown

Gate to China Program is a customized service for international buyers provided by Great Tao E-Commerce, which is divided into four services:
  • Financial services
  • Global trade services
  • Integrated services 
  • Great Tao credit assurance system.
This program aims to attract international buyers to purchase goods in China and make a long-term cooperation with Chinese suppliers.

financial service,trading service,common service for international buyers

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There is 3 steps you should do:
  • enter in our website www.gttown.com.
  • click the picture of "gate to china".
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