' BUY NOW, PAY LATER ' GTCP card wins booming at China Canton Fair

Great Tao Credit Purchasing Card is very popular around the international buyers at Canton Fair. Why this card so attractive? Is “BUY NOW, PAY LATER” as a tend in the global trade? Why not catch this chance to develop your trade career !

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Credit 4.0 Times

Now is a Credit 4.0 times, Great Tao hugging the world with credit is an excellent example in international trade. Credit services are first presented at the 120th as a booming product. International buyers are eager to applying for Great Tao Credit Purchasing Card, and domestic suppliers are eager to apply for being Great Tao's trusted member. Thus it can be seen people are becoming more and more pay attention to honesty and credit.

At the Fair, Mr. Alam was in an urgent need to expand his business before the fair and this caused serious capital issues on his company. A few days ago, he received a big order from his customer who requires a payment period of 90 days. He has been seeking solutions for a long time as it is a great chance for his company to obtain such a big order. However, the budget his company is suffering from is too tight to support such a payment period.

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Credit Services of eGTCP

However, eGTCP is there to help! Mr. Alam was excited about the purchasing credit and open account payment services from eGTCP. He showed his great interest and quickly filled out the application form at the booth for our GTCP Classic program with the credit line of 100,000 USD and the credit term of 90 days. Therefore, he can use the credit line when he purchases from China and make the payment within 90 days after he receives the B/L. It can totally help free up his cash flow issue!

At the same time, international buyers could know the information of suppliers quickly through the GTR Assessment and choose trusted suppliers with purposes.

Under the guidance of sales manager, Mr. Alam registered immediately and passed the GTR Assessment, and then became the trusted member of eGTCP.

Therefore, in the future purchasing, he could establish trust relationship quickly through GTCA Program and trusted suppliers, and obtain multiple credit assurance, including goods quality, contract performance, and delivery time, etc. 

Buy now, pay later

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“BUY NOW, PAY LATER” is no longer an issue! 

Welcome international buyers showing up at the booth of eGTCP to register as members of it.

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We, eGTCP, welcome you to applying for GTCP(Great Tao credit purchasing card), you can get $10,000 immediately, buy more, pay later, let's get started!

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